Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Vellum in Good Hands!

As I have been saying years, Vellum is truly handmade. Now I can prove it! Here two of our closest supporters Bill and Robyn Mathy help us with punch downs by hand on our newly fermenting 2011 Merlot. Not only does this help with extraction, but they are literally ‘breathing life’ back into the yeast.

Wonderfully basic, but gentle, this is a new ‘old concept’ and strangely satisfying. The practice is one that I may consider doing in the vintages to come!... And, the Merlot has never tasted better. I think the Mathys are on to something with their ‘lost art’ of mixing!

I strongly urge everyone to come barrel taste the 2011 Merlot as soon as possible. This wine was made ahead of the curve, and there really is nothing else like it in Napa Valley. Please be the next to find out why!

Well, back to the vineyard for me...More of Harvest 2011 to come!

Karl Lehmann, VELLUM Winemaker


marti said...

looks awesome! keep up the good (and noble) work.

Jack said...

Love your blog! Very well written. Very informative! And your wines are at hit at our Thursday wine meets!