Thursday, September 29, 2011

VELLUM Merlot block is ready for harvest - THIS SATURDAY!

VELLUM Cabernet Sauvignon has just a touch of Merlot - adding a depth and vibrancy to the aroma of our wines. We harvest just one row of Merlot from a beautiful vineyard block in St. Helena.


Here are some photos and a quick video (below) to whet your appetites!

Stay tuned for news from harvest - we will be picking the Merlot on Saturday morning.


Jeff Mathy, Founder

Friday, September 16, 2011

VELLUM White is back for 2011 !!!!

Another harvest is upon us in Napa Valley!

Hard to believe, that here in September we usually anticipate the sweltering heat and the blazing sun beating down on the vineyards for the rapid push to quick cluster maturity. Not this year! As the saying goes, if you have nothing to talk about, then talk about the weather! It seems that is true for all of us here. No one can stop talking about the cool to cold but even temperatures we have had this year. Perfect for white grapes and the reds...but that is a waiting game.

We had fully developed clusters this summer and no sunburn in our Sauvignon blanc and Semillon. The sugars stayed low and the acid naturally bright, all while flavours concentrated at the right time. 2011 will go down as a white "vineyard year" for the region and one of the most notable ever I suspect for VELLUM White!

The response to the inaugural 2010 micro-production of VELLUM White was overwhelming and now, tragically gone, but this year we got smart! VELLUM White is still a very small production, however we did make a little more. The fruit has been successfully harvested with a healthy yield, pressed gently, and now it is fermenting carefully in neutral oak barrels and hitting all the signature way points of the 2010 vintage.

This again, is a classic Bordeaux style white on the nose and it combines the best of our protected mountain vineyard for a palate unlike any other. For those of you who already know and love it, you will get your share - I promise this time! For those who don’t, welcome, VELLUM White is one of the most exciting and intriguing white wines to come out of Napa Valley in a long time... I am excited to share it with any and all takers next spring after its march to bottle. But! Anyone, who is nosy enough to poke around the winery may get a "preview", and rare look into what it takes to create it. Perhaps it is true that fortune does favour the bold, but for the rest, the patient purists, our tasting notes are soon to come!

- Karl Lehmann, VELLUM Winemaker