Friday, November 26, 2010

The End of the 2010 Vintage!

The 2010 vintage has come to a close as the wines rest in their barrels for a long slumber until we rack off the lees sometime this winter. The cool weather of August was on our side this year as we obtained another overall lower alcohol for the vintage. In the months to come this will make the task of balancing the wines much easier.

As for my long awaited first impressions of the wine, I first should first say that for those of you who have been fortunate enough to try the 2009 VELLUM vintage, expect the same from the 2010 VELLUM but with a lot earlier integration due to an improvement in our fermentation practices. Like 2009 there are no holes in these wines. Meaning that the palates are complete without the immediate need for oak. When a wine has a full palate and long length it lends to the focus of the flavors and lingering aromas without any distraction. So what you will find in these wines are fresh aromas of strong cassis, bright deep fruit and the typical bramble that VELLUM has become known for. All of these notes carry through on the palate with great length!

I also want to mention that the rumors about the much-anticipated 2010 VELLUM White are all true! After a very successful inaugural vintage I can safely say that we will indeed be expanding the production of this wine next year due to the very high demand. This barrel-fermented white wine is everything that I expected it to be. There are overwhelming aromas of gooseberry, guava and baked fig and they are mirrored on the palate. This is a white wine that grabs your attention and makes you take notice with its bright and defining acidity. The wine has a huge volume in the mid-palate and follows through with the same long length of the VELLUM red wines. Expect great things from this wine early next year! ...I certainly do and I am happy to have it as a welcome addition to the VELLUM name.

For those of you who took advantage of our great holiday offer please share VELLUM with all of your friends this season and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

- Karl Lehmann, Winemaker