Monday, August 30, 2010

- - Introducing VELLUM White - -

This is the time of year which I anticipate the sweltering heat and the blazing sun beating down on the vineyards pushing the grapes to their inevitable quick maturity-ripe for the picking. Surprisingly, there have been no dog days of Summer for us here in Napa Valley!

This year the vines have taken their time with the unseasonably cool weather upon us but we got there at last. Right now the sugar and acid ratio are in balance and we will have our perfect Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon clusters in tank by mid week to kick off Vellum’s 2010 vintage.

I have long desired to produce a white wine of my liking but I never had the opportunity to discover a piece of land that would produce what I want - - until now.

Vines unfortunately never reveal their secrets to the untrained eye or palate. Great fruit is invisible to most and it in its elusive nature does not like to be found. One must trust the most subtle flavors that the fruit yields to see their gentle translation to bottle in their truest form. These are the precepts of white winemaking as there is no room for error in this delicate medium.

The 2010 VELLUM White will follow again in the classic tradition of Bordeaux and we will capture everything the land has revealed to us. Jeff and I are very excited to deliver this wine next Spring to all who have requested and already purchased it by overwhelming popular demand. I will be tracking its progress here and explaining the distinctions of white winemaking throughout the harvest.

Please check back with us and discover this new direction for Vellum Wine Craft! Here’s to the first of many great white vintages to come!

- Karl Lehmann, Vellum Winemaker

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Denise M. Gardner said...

Karl - you are an amazing writer. I look forward to experiencing the secrets that Vellum White has yet to reveal. :)