Sunday, August 29, 2010

2008 VELLUM - Large Format Bottles!!

The new 2008 LARGE FORMAT bottles are ready to be filled...

They have been etched and beautifully hand-painted to perfection.

Now the 2008 VELLUM Cabernet Sauvignon is ready for "deep age". And what an amazing wine the 2008 vintage has become. Pure, focused, elegant...a true step forward for VELLUM in the direction of refinement and seamlessness. The 2008s keep their classic VELLUM character by also showing distinctive notes of what we call "bramble and understory".

For those of you who (like me, upon first hearing those words as wine descriptors) are looking at your computer screen with crossed eyes and brain melt - the aromas/flavors of bramble and understory can best be sensed by imagining this scene:

You are walking through a forest with tall trees, pines, blackberry bushes, ferns, and a thick ground covering of decomposing leaves and branches. Now imagine that the sun has started to peek through the trees and the forest floor is starting to warm up with the heat of the day. The aromas of earth and natural wood oils and the heated berries and stems of the blackberries...

THAT - is bramble and understory.

And for the best way to know what we mean by this description - you'll have to taste the 2008 VELLUM Cabernet Sauvignon. Available in the early months of next year. Or if you are in the wine club...even sooner!

Anyway, for the large bottles - - We will hand fill, hand vacuum cork and hand carry each of these bottles into the safety of the VELLUM wine cellar until they are ready for their debut.

Maybe we will open them again in 10-20 years!

- Jeff Mathy, Proprietor

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