Monday, October 12, 2009

VELLUM Petit Verdot Pressed Today

This morning we completed the pressing of our first fermentation of 2009 - VELLUM's Petit Verdot.

The photos above show the grapes after they have been separated from the "free run". The grapes are dug out of the tank and loaded into a press to squeeze out the last few drops of wine. We taste the pressed wine to check for astringency and "bad" tannins as the press gradually increases pressure.

This quality control allows us to maximize efficiency while minimizing "green" flavors in the wine.

After fermentation and aging, the Petit Verdot is blended in small amounts with Cabernet and Merlot to create VELLUM's signature style.

Deep, dark, rich colors - - paired with vibrant aromatics - - make this wine an integral component in VELLUM.

Next stop for this French oak barrels!!

- Jeff Mathy

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