Saturday, September 19, 2009

Harvest on Monday!!

VELLUM's Petit Verdot is ready for harvest - and we couldn't be happier with the start of our 2009 vintage. The fruit is looking and tasting wonderful...

The high sugars and woody seeds signal full development. But more importantly, the malic and tartaric acids in our Petit Verdot are perfect for maintaining a balanced wine during fermentation.

We expect to harvest about 3 tons from this vineyard, located on the southeast side of Napa County. The vineyard is on an east-facing hillside at about 400 feet in elevation. It gets great sunshine during the morning and midday, but cools down a bit in the afternoon. And the views from the property are spectacular!

Monday morning will mark the beginning of VELLUM's third vintage. Wow - how time flies!

And as if harvest isn't keeping us busy enough, we will be showcasing the 2007 VELLUM Cabernet Sauvignon at a handful of events this month. On September 26th we will be pouring wine at Fullerton, California's "Fullerton Uncorked" event. That evening we will also serve the 2007 VELLUM as sponsor of the Sixth Annual Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association Wine Tasting.

Why so many Fullerton events? Well, that's where I got my start in Agriculture - as a member of the Fullerton High School Chapter of Future Farmers of America.

With so many family and friends in Fullerton, VELLUM is proud to be a part of the community.

We hope to see you at the events on the 26th!!


- Jeff Mathy

The 2007 VELLUM is available for purchase here.

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