Monday, September 14, 2009

Harvest is coming...

Hello VELLUM lovers,

The 2009 harvest season is well under way for most of Napa Valley. But our fruit is still a week or two away from being ready for picking.

It looks like the Petit Verdot will be the first vineyard we harvest. The brix levels (sugar content) has been rising steadily and is now approaching 23 degrees brix. We try to keep all of our fruit at about 23 brix in order to maintain a lower alcohol.

VELLUM's balance is dependent on keeping alcohol levels in moderation. For instance, the 2008 VELLUM will likely be 13.85% alcohol at bottling.

Low brix at harvest is ideal, but we also pick based on acidity, tannins and seed development.

The rains on Sunday helped to push back our harvest dates. Wet days in the vineyard mean lower brix levels and longer hang time. We are very happy!

Over the next few weeks we will spend countless hours in the vineyards, sampling berries (pictured above) and maintaining the fruit as it enters its final stages of development.

Stay tuned...

- Jeff Mathy

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