Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VELLUM's Linstad Vineyard

Recently, Jeff and I toured the Linstad Vineyards to get a preview of the Cabernet Sauvignon. We were very pleased to see so many well developed but loose clusters with small berries. This was a product of good vineyard management by Jerry Linstad and by the favorable weather we had in early Spring which brought a lot of ground water and no frost.

An abundance of clusters were formed and left on the vines to bring down the berry size prior to veraison (when the grapes begin to ripen and take on color). This method of control helps ensure a better ratio between the seed and skin and will ultimately produce a concentrated and flavored grape.

Along with these practices and the stretch of cool weather we've been having, we are anticipating much more intensity in the fruit from this vineyard this year. In about two weeks when veraison starts, we will have a better idea about what 2009 will bring for VELLUM's Linstad Vineyard Cabernet. I expect this to be an extraordinary integral wine and serve well as the foundation for the 2009 vintage. We'll keep you updated!

- Karl Lehmann

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