Monday, June 29, 2009

Vellum Wine on Track!

This past week Jeff and I decided on a departure from the quiet wine country setting to reach an entirely different audience that may not know we even exist...Hmm...How about... Vellum Wine goes racing!

There are many ways draw attention to a wine: having old cellars, stacks of barrels, vineyard dogs or parties with only your wine being poured. In advertisements, most wineries opt for the tried and true picture of an expansive vineyard with someone in the center holding a glass of wine as the sun sets behind them. You see it all too often... so we thought that it's time for a change of scenery.

What brilliant luck!!! Through an unlikely turn of events, it just so happened that the SCCA GT2 racecar team of John Shine and John Pecora graciously afforded us a decal space on their car. What a windfall- I certainly did not see this coming! On June 21st, for the first time, the GT2 sportscar burned up the track at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Salinas, California.

It was a great day to be trackside with John Pecora as driver John Shine accelerated past us out of the corner. It was a real thrill to be so close to the action. I felt the heat, the noise and energy of the cars come at us.

If any of you have never seen sports car racing before... Please go. These are not the same cars that drive flat out in an oval for hours... and the events are not televised. This is real nuts-and-bolts racing!

I will be back again - I'm hooked - and I am still not used seeing our logo zoom past me at speeds I may never see in my lifetime... Or maybe I will? I should probably check with my insurance agent first! :) My thanks again to John Pecora and John Shine. I hope you win the series this year! I also want to thank cinematographer Alexander Kieselstein- without his expertise behind the lens all of these pictures would be a fuzzy blur!

- Karl Lehmann

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m*buckley said...

Thanks for the business card on Saturday....
Congrats on what seems like an amazing business venture. Best of luck.