Monday, June 1, 2009

My Marsupial Encounter...

Well... Not much of an encounter... Actually it was a Kangaroo steak that ended up on a plate in front of me! It was my first taste of this "pesky critter" (as I am told) and I did quite enjoy it.

It was lightly seasoned, pan fried on the rare side in a Porcini reduction and served with new potatoes and green beans. As I was eating it I did wonder why don't male Kangaroos have pouches?...They have stuff to carry too!

Alright...not my joke but I must say that I did expect a "gamey" flavor from it, however there was none of that - it had a slight tender beef character. I enjoyed it with a pairing of The Willows Vineyard 2004 Bonesetter Shiraz. This wine was extraordinarily silky in texture with a fine forward tannin composition and clean. There was also a very present blackberry note on the nose which carried on to the palate. This was the hook for me that provided a surprisingly good match for the Kangaroo steak and the subtle Porcini mushrooms.

I do hope to revisit this certainly uncommon meal in the future. Many thanks to my hosts Samantha and Alex for a great evening and for the rare Barossa selections they laboriously lugged from half a world away. Perhaps you can get back to see the parents again in Australia very soon! ;)

- Karl Lehmann

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