Monday, March 2, 2009

Cork cork cork.

This morning we inspected the nearly 10,000 corks to be paired with our 2007 Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon.

As a quality-centric winery, we chose corks of the highest possible quality - sourced from sustainably grown and harvested groves in Italy.

They are 54mm in length - perfect for the long neck of our bottle. A longer cork will create a better oxygen barrier during the wine's lifespan. While some air exchange is important during the aging process, too much air will eventually oxidize the wine beyond a pleasurable measure.

We also have a small selection of 44mm corks for our half-bottle size (very limited production).

During the inspection, we checked for uniform quality and the absence of off-putting aromas. Musty and mildewy smells from raw cork can sometimes be a sign of infection. No bad smells were coming from these corks. In fact, the scent was reminiscent of fresh popcorn.

This week, the corks will be fire-branded with Vellum's name and website (see the brands in the images above). Then they will go through a final polishing process that adds a very thin layer of wax to the exterior, allowing for a smooth uncorking from the bottle.

Counting down to bottling...


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