Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wine Study Group

On behalf of Vellum, I would like to thank our good friend Rick for helping to organize a small study group of young wine professionals who meet about once per week to taste and discuss wines from all over the world.

While we don't usually taste more than about 15 wines per night, we occasionally bring all of the half-bottle samplers out for a parade of sorts.

In order to keep the tasting unbiased, our friend Patrick chooses which wines will be opened on any given night. Patrick's lack of bias is firmly rooted in his inability to tell wines apart. So as most of us do, he judges the wines based on their labels. Whichever labels look interesting that night - that is what we taste.

Along the way, we keep up a continuing education in wine, winemaking, wine styles, yeasts, blending and more...

It is rare to come across a wine we all universally love - which is a testament to our belief that everyone has a unique tasting palate.

And while there are many wines I have found unpalatable or even downright offensive - it seems that I am always happier when there is wine in my glass. It doesn't matter what kind of wine it is...I always seem to learn something from it and about it.

- Jeff Mathy

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