Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vellum 2007 Cabernet - Final racking

Hello Everyone,

The 2007 Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon went through its final "racking" today, meaning that the wine barrels were cleaned one last time before our bottling on March 16th.

Karl and I took a moment to taste the wine while it waited patiently in tank.

After taking a few sips and a sample back to the lab, I called my parents to share my elation about the wine.

We are so excited to share this wine with all of you! I know I keep saying that sentence...but we cannot express our eagerness enough!

Many of you, friends and family alike, have been following along with us throughout this adventure. And now, after five years of planning and two years in business -- we are poised to release the fruits of our hard labor.

Karl and I have built this business with the future in mind. It is humbling now, to close my eyes and think into the future...imagining what it will be like to look back on 10, 20 or even 40 vintages of Vellum wine.

Along the way we have overcome many pitfalls - and celebrated many small successes.

But now, with only weeks to go before bottling and months to go before release...I think I can safely say that making this first Vellum Cabernet has been the hardest task of my life.

And I can't wait to do it over and over again !!

The 2007 Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon is truly a wine worthy of Vellum's premier entry into the wide-world of winemaking.

Thank you again to all of our friends and family for their love and support along the way,

- Jeff Mathy

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