Friday, February 20, 2009

The 2007 Vellum Label

This morning I finalized our label printing with a visit to the press room at our vendor's facility in Napa.

Next week Karl and I will make a final inspection of the cork bales to be branded with the Vellum name.

Our other packaging materials are coming together nicely, with only a few hiccups so far.

On another note, we are planning Vellum Release Parties in May. Please save the dates and join us !!

May 3rd, Sunday, 2-5pm (Napa/Sonoma, CA)
May 17th, Sunday, 2-5pm (Fullerton, CA)
June TBD (San Francisco, CA)
June TBD (San Diego, CA)

(More detail to follow...)


Anonymous said...

Elegant, simple, and very classy label. It fits well with the quality of wine bottled. said...

Thank you Paul!