Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wine Hits the Barrel!

This week the first of this 2008 vintage was put into barrels! Two thirds of the wine has finished its primary fermentation and it has been pressed off and recombined with it's free run.

I was very pleased with the press wine! I decided to add it all back to the original free run to provide better structure and integration to the overall wine early on. It benefited greatly from this marriage with no trace of bitterness or overly extracted tannins and together it will pick up even more structure in its new oak.

Also, although the wine is still very unsettled as all new wine should be; I feel it displays the Vellum signature balance and it is approachable now.

Here too, I would like to make special mention for one lot in particular, our small blending lot of Merlot, which had undergone a very trying and exotic fermentation to become its resultant wine. The wine fermented perfectly to 100% dryness and I feel that in every regard it is the finest of my career. Everything in this wine is heightened but in a graceful manner. I expect it will mature beautifully and we will watch it closely as it becomes a very worthy addition to the 2008 Vellum vintage!

-Karl Lehmann

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