Monday, April 14, 2008

Barrel samples looking good.

Hello all,

Last night Karl and I completed another round of blending trials - and the wines are coming along quite nicely.

The Merlot has once again proven to be pure and true in form, with fantastic red cherry, strawberry and raspberry on the nose and palate. It's got great acidity and the alcohol is well balanced with the overall mouthfeel and finish. Again, a hint of sandalwood peeked through and added to the complexity of this amazing Merlot.

Our two Cabernet Sauvignon lots showed great promise with lots of boysenberry and spice on the nose including nutmeg and cardamom. The overall structure of these wines continues to develop with the faint oak influences starting to take shape.

It's exciting to see how much these Vellum wines have matured since first entering the barrels.

It leaves us both very excited about how the wines will taste when we host Vellum's first-ever barrel tasting on April 26th.

We hope you love these wines as much as we do!

- Jeff