Monday, December 3, 2007

Dark ruby.

Yesterday afternoon Karl and I tasted wine from our smaller block of Cabernet harvested on October 4th from Napa's Chile's Valley. I was taken aback by the intensity and depth of the wine's color.

Dark ruby is a fair description...however the brilliant magenta edge of the wine as it thinned near the glass provided so much contrast with body of the wine that it looked black - deep, dark, endless, bottom-of-a-crevasse black!

A few sips later I knew we had a winner - the wine fell broadly on the palate and unfolded gently across my tongue. The tannins were firm but not overbearing. It was superbly balanced with slight favor leaning toward the alcohol, normal for a wine given ample time to mature on the vine.

It will partner well with our other blocks of wine, especially the other Cabernet.

We'll taste it again in the new year...

More to come!!

- Jeff

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