Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting ready for bed.

The 2007 Vellum is getting ready to go to bed. All of our primary fermentations were successful - the wines are dry!

We pressed off the skins of our nine ton Cabernet Sauvignon lot from the Linstad vineyard to great success! With a gentle but constant pressure, we did not exceed one atmosphere during the cycle.

The pressing stage of winemaking can present itself as a mystery. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what will be extracted at the prescribed pressure and when to stop the process. It is usually a guess based on the quality and age of the grapes, the type and performance of the press and most of the all ability to taste and say, "Enough!".

We did not reach that point this year as the skins produced dense but not overextracted wine until they were almost dry. Thus, all of what was pressed out was not kept separate from the main lot (as is the usual practice). The wine is sound. We measured it to be quite dry before pressing and it had very little malic acid so it was mixed with the free run wine for immmediate integration.

We felt that the wine's aromatic and tannic elements did more for the overall composition of the free run than if it was kept as an individual lot. We are happy to declare that the wine is whole and balanced from the beginning!

This expression of the Linstad vineyard is the best compliment Vellum could provide to the land and its meticulous grower Jerry Linstad.

Up next...Secondary fermentation with the introduction of Oenococcus Oeni!

What's that?!? ;)

...More to Come!

- Karl

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