Saturday, October 13, 2007

Go yeasts, go!

Hi All,

The fermentations are going very well with the brix levels approaching -1.5 quickly. We will probably press off the Merlot on Tuesday and then perhaps the Petit Verdot by Friday.

The three harvest days we've had over the past two weeks have kept us on the move - at the winery taking samples, back at the lab analyzing the juice, walking the rows of the last vineyard still hanging.

The first day of Harvest, pulling the Merlot on September 29th, was a whirlwind day filled with great memories. Friends from Fullerton and San Francisco drove up to help us bring in the grapes. Andy, Sam, Guru - thanks guys for hanging out with us and supporting Vellum. My nephew William was the most excited of us all! He found his way INSIDE one of the harvesting bins and we found him eating as many grapes as he could fit in his mouth. One word was all he could say in between mouthfuls - GOOD. GOOD. GOOD. See the slide show below for a photo recap!

We still have Cabernet on the vine, holding tight at around 23 brix. Karl and I are waiting for the sugars to rise just a little more before pulling the fruit. It will probably be another 10+ days before we are ready to bring it in. All the while the grapes continue to gain maturity and complexity!

Karl's going to be adding more about the fermentations tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

- Jeff

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Kim said...


I'm glad I found your blog and your wine seems off to a great start! Hopefully we'll be able to come out to Napa after the next baby is born. Michael is a grape fanatic and probably could join William in eating them fresh off the vine.

Take Care,