Thursday, September 20, 2007

Harvest this week!!

After the heat wave earlier in the month we saw the brix jump to the 20's and it sparked a county-wide rush to bring in fruit. Growers from all over Napa and Sonoma have been bringing in grapes by the truckload. Seeing their haste, we waited...we re-evaluated...and did some deep analysis on our grapes to guide our harvest schedule.

Our decision to hold off has paid off. We have two vineyards ready to come in...both are at the right sugar level and the extra time on the vine has contributed superbly to the grapes' maturity. The tannins are ripe, supported by balanced acids in the flesh and the seeds are woody and crunchy. Perfect timing!

And though it has been a nail-biter...we are confident that our patience will be well-rewarded.

If you would like to join us during harvest please call to RSVP and get directions to our vineyards.

- Jeff

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