Sunday, September 9, 2007

Countdown to harvest

I will always look back on the 2007 growing season with a smile - having walked miles of vineyard rows inspecting clusters of grapes, sampling berries and pressing clumps of soil between my fingers. Spending time among the vines has been inspirational and grounding on many levels.

And now harvest is almost upon us! We are expecting our first grapes in the week of September 17th.

Karl and I were just out at our merlot vineyard last night, sampling grapes by flashlight and glow stick. We both remarked at how dense the wine from those berries will be. Deep and concentrated.

Of course, that's why we chose the vineyard in the first place. The merlot from this vineyard doesn't taste like merlot. It is inky, rich, dense...but still floats in the mouth as if it were weightless. A simply perfect blending compliment to our Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon.

But enough of the winespeak! Welcome to Vellum's very own blog...or as we like to call it...Vellum's Harvest Notes.

We hope that you connect with us often as we unveil the makings of Vellum's first vintage!


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Kevin Mathy said...

Congratulations, Jeff and Karl! I look forward to joining you in the Harvest in the next couple of weeks. Here is an excerpt from a Book you might know:

Joel 2:22
Fear not, ye beasts of the fields: for the beautiful places of the wilderness are sprung, for the tree hath brought forth its fruit, the fig tree, and the vine have yielded their strength.